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LONVIA CAPITAL is a société par actions simplifiée (SAS) with share capital of 2,000,000.00 euros, headquartered at 9 avenue de l’Opéra, 75001 Paris. LONVIA CAPITAL is registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 880 073 531 and has been approved as a portfolio management company by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers under number GP-20000019 since 23/06/2020.


The purpose of this website is to present LONVIA CAPITAL’s management activities and the characteristics of the products and services it offers.
The data and information on this website are provided for information purposes only.
No information contained on the site constitutes an offer or solicitation by LONVIA CAPITAL to provide investment advice or services or to buy or sell instruments.


This website is not intended for, and does not target, persons who would be subject to laws or regulations prohibiting publication or access to the information contained on this website. These people are invited to leave the site.
In particular, this site is not intended for use by residents or citizens of the United States of America and “U.S. Persons” as that term is defined by Regulation S of the Securities and Exchange Commission under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933. The definition of “US Person” is provided below.
A “U.S. Person” means: (a) any natural person residing in the United States of America; (b) any entity or corporation organized or incorporated under the laws of the United States of America; (c) any estate (or “trust”) whose executor or administrator is a U.S. Person; (d) any trust one of whose trustees is a U.S. Person; (e) any agency or branch of a non-U.S. entity located in the United States of America; (f) any non-discretionary managed account located in the United States of America; (g) any estate (or “trust”) whose executor or administrator is a U.S. Person. Person”; (e) any agency or branch of a non-U.S. entity located in the United States of America; (f) any account managed on a non-discretionary basis (other than an estate or trust) by a financial intermediary or other representative authorized, incorporated or (in the case of an individual) resident in the United States of America; (g) any account managed on a discretionary basis (other than an estate or trust) by a financial intermediary or any other authorized representative incorporated or (in the case of an individual) resident in the United States of America; and (h) any entity or company, provided that it is (i) organized or incorporated under the laws of a country other than the United States of America and (ii) established by a U.S. Person principally for the purpose of investing in securities not registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended, unless organized or registered and owned by “Accredited Investors” (as such term is defined in Rule 501(a) of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended) other than individuals, estates or trusts.
The financial products described on this site are not registered under U.S. federal securities laws or any other laws applicable in the states, territories and possessions of the United States of America. Consequently, no financial product may be marketed directly or indirectly in the United States (including its territories and possessions) and to or for the benefit of residents and citizens of the United States of America and “U.S. Persons”.


All the information presented on the following pages comes from sources considered reliable. However, they may change over time and may be updated by LONVIA CAPITAL at any time without notice.
LONVIA CAPITAL makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information provided on this site and expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.


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a) General principles

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  • Right of portability (Art. 20 of the RGPD): allows the right to receive the personal data that he/she has communicated to the Management Company and may also ask it to transmit this data to another data controller ;
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To exercise their rights, Internet users are invited to contact the Management Company by post at the following address:

For the attention of General Management
9 avenue de l’Opéra – 75001 Paris

c) Safety

LONVIA CAPITAL has taken the appropriate organizational and technical measures to guarantee a level of security appropriate to the risk and to ensure that the servers hosting the personal data processed prevent, as far as possible :

  • unauthorized access to or modification of this data;
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In this respect, LONVIA CAPITAL employees who have access to this data are subject to a strict obligation of confidentiality.
However, LONVIA CAPITAL shall not be held liable in the event of misappropriation of such data by a third party despite the security measures adopted, except in the event that the Management Company has been informed of the security breach and has not taken any steps to remedy it.

d) Complaints relating to the processing of personal data

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e) Retention period for personal data

This data is not kept by LONVIA CAPITAL for longer than is necessary for the provision of the service concerned, which may include any time required to respond to any questions or complaints from a customer sent to LONVIA CAPITAL after the end of the customer’s commercial relationship with LONVIA CAPITAL.


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